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Human Decomposition
First stage of human decomposition: The body will take on rigor mortis, begin cell death, and attract insects. This will be the first few days....
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Spring Cleaning!
Time for spring cleaning! Don't let this scare you, this is a time to purge and freshen up your space! Here are 20 things to throw away right now: 1....
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Heat Rises, Smell Rises
The summer months are a great break from winter's chill, but pose an unpleasant occurance on a crime and trauma scene. As the heat rises, smells...
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National Victim's Rights Week 2019
April 7–13 is National Victim's Rights Week! Bio-One has the opportunity to help people after an unfortunate event, but we understand the pain...
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Warning Signs of Suicide
Although you can't always tell if someone is suicidal, there maybe some signs you can learn to recognize especially if you notice more than one....
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Suicide Affects Us All
When a suicide occurs, it affects more than just the family. While the family is feeling it the most, a suicide can actually trickle out to...
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The Women Of Bio-One: International Women's Day
Today is Internatioal Women's Day! We'd like to finish out the week by celebrating all the women of Bio-One! We have women owners...
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Mock Training Scene
Here we have mock scene training. Look at these awesome new franchises learning the Bio-One way! Thank you to Justin, owner...
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B.O.T.S. Training
We train franchises at our Denver office. Here they learn the ins and outs of the business and how to handle any situation on the...
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Bio-One Charlotte's First Hoarding Job
Congratulations to John and Jennifer Symmons from Bio-One Charlotte on their first big hoarding job! It was a 5 bed, 3 bath home with a...
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